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Here's how to speak Spanish fluently.


· Music is an amazing and fast way to catch on to the Spanish language. I would recommend that you listen to the genres that you enjoy in your native tongue. Most importantly, you should try to master the lyrics of your favorite songs one by one. The first song that I memorized many moons ago was “La camisa negra” by Juanes. It was an assignment given my Spanish teacher, Ms. Zapico, at the time. The song is simple enough for any beginner to gain confidence and that is the KEY! In the beginning, please make sure that you are taking things slow and steady. Many clients start off way too strong and with extremely high and unrealistic expectations of their language acquisition and they quickly burn out.


· Travel is the MOST recommended way for learning your travel. You will find that every waking moment is a learning opportunity. The simple tasks of finding food, asking for directions, and navigating your way through a doctor’s visit will be a learning experience. In the beginning you may experience a bit of language fatigue which is completely normal. Travel is the most recommended because you have the benefits of learning both actively and passively. Everything around you and everyone you meet will speak Spanish thus pushing you to reach language learning goals at a much faster rate.


· Flash cards are AMAZING. These are to be used to TRIGGER your memory. You do not want to fill your flash cards with information. NibbySpeaks offers travel sized flash cards that you can take wherever you are! Take them out and test the limits of your Spanish. For beginner you can use your cards for simple recognitions. As you become more advanced, you want to use them to trigger conversation and delve into every nook and cranny of the subject.


· Having a Spanish tutor is essential in the beginning. You will need to develop a very strong foundation in order to speak Spanish well. Studying with a tutor will keep you motivated, and your tutor will also make sure that you are growing at a good pace and that you develop good habits.


· It is so easy to become so comfortable writing and doing exercises that we completely forget the importance of SPEAKING. Speaking is something that you should do daily. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you must talk to yourself and record it or simply talk to yourself. Use your NibbySpeaks flashcards as the trigger.


· When watching your favorite shows make sure that you have subtitles in Spanish so that you can read along. If you are an intermediate or advanced speaker your shows should be in Spanish with English subtitles. You will catch on to lots of new sayings this way.


· Childrens books are awesome because you and your little ones can learn at the same time. The grammar is very clean and simple which is perfect in the beginning. You may give yourself a challenge of learning a few new words per week and practice using them with your children.


· Nothing will motivate you to communicate and to speak your target language like having a romantic interest, or friends who ONLY speak the language. You will be super inclined to speak about different subjects and you will be forced to do your research before hanging out with your friends. DO NOT LEAN ON AUTOMATIC TRANSLATORS. A lot of times they are incorrect.


· Journaling daily will help you to keep track of your Spanish learning growth. You will also discover those little words and phrases that you don’t know. You don’t know what you don’t know until you need it. So, writing will help you to work out the smaller kinks and gaps in your Spanish.


· Movies are another awesome way to learn the language and the culture. Try watching movies originally in Spanish so that you learn more about their ways of life and also learn some amazing saying that will help you to speak more like a native.


"Unlock Your World: Learn Spanish, Speak Boundlessly!"

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