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5 Secrets of Learning Spanish

  1. You actually have to study and apply the knowledge! If you are learning Spanish and growing up in an English speaking household your process of learning Spanish looks a bit different. As a teacher who teaches both bilinguals and monolinguals there is quite a difference in teaching strategies. Please do not quit because it is "hard". You must push through. It is like exercising. It sucks at first but after a while it becomes easier and easier

  2. There are MANY ways to express one concept and multiple words for the same thing. Also, there is variation in select words and phrases as you go from region to region. This becomes super obvious as you travel to different Spanish speaking countries and use certain words. For example "Guineo " is a common word for banana in Dominican Republic but in Mexico the word "Platano" is employed. However, in Dominican Republic "Platano" means plantain. Don't get caught up in the web. Simply expand your knowledge base and move on.

  3. Build a strong foundation! So many say " I just want to talk". I don't want to do worksheets. Okay, that's beautiful if you are already bilingual and just need to refine your skills. But, if it takes you 5-10 minutes to construct a coherent sentence and you experience difficulty understanding basic Spanish then you would benefit from worksheets, listening activities, and books as a foundation.

  4. Slow and steady wins. Language learning is a race and not a marathon. There will always be something new to learn or some accent that you may struggle with. That is OKAY! Relax and make sure you learn something new every day, even if its just one word. Imagine how much you can accumulate over time!

  5. Use multiple leaning methods. Use music, find a language partner in another country, put your devices in your target language, and get your bible in Spanish if you enjoy reading scriptures. You will be surprised at how much you pick up.


"Unlock Your World: Learn Spanish, Speak Boundlessly!"

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